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As an event organizer, your attendees are your most important assets. Some internet-based ticketing services offer very attractive prices, but then they force your users to become also their users. We think this is not fair, and that's why we have developed in the first place.

Get your own ticket shop up and running in minutes!

Why are we different?

Swicket is an IT Software as a Service provider whose goal is to help you selling and distributing tickets for your events. Unlike others, we don't consider your data as an asset; we don't want to profit from it nor include your attendees in a user base.

You can't find a more privacy-centric service.

We care about the safety and integrity of your data; not its content.

Privacy, the Swiss way

Privacy and data protection are our primary concerns, that's why all plans come with a dedicated database.

This means, that your data will be isolated, and neither accessible nor visible to people outside of your organization.

We won't use your data for analytics of any kind. We won't reach out to your attendees. Never and for any reason.

No vendor lock-in

If you don't like Swicket's service, you can export your data and move it elsewhere, and we'll delete it from our systems for good.

You are also free to move your instance if you want. That's because is Free Software, as in Freedom.

Secure by design

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in deploying distributed applications. We're committed to make Swicket a safe place for every event.

Each instance of is isolated from the others, and protected using state-of-the-art techniques.

We're aware that there's no such thing as "100% secure", but thanks to the isolated deployment the risk of intrusion is minimized.


Fully customizable ticketing

  • Multiple ticket categories
  • Discount/Partner codes
  • Custom email messages
  • Custom templates for invoices, tickets, and receipts
  • Send messages to attendees

... and much more!

Check-in and badge printing

Say goodbye to manual work and lines split by last name: print everything on-site, on-demand.

Let your attendees buy tickets at the very last minute, and let them fix that annoying typo on their first name...

Lead collection for exhibitors

Give the opportunity to your exhibitors to scan attendees' badges, with their consent, and register the lead on the system, in a GDPR-compliant way

You decide what, when, how and with whom you'll share attendees' information.



All prices exclude payment gateway transaction fees and any applicable tax

Base – per ticket

1.9% + €0.50

Volume-based pricing

for small and growing Events

Dedicated, private database
because you care about your data
Always up-to-date
get the latest release
Priority bug resolution
receive patches before anyone else
your personal space on Swicket!
Basic support included

Pro – per year


Flat price

for recurring events / networks

Everything in Base plan
Flat price
no matter how many events you organize
Custom SSL Domain
for true white-labelling
Next-business-day support
email and chat

NGO, Non-Profit & Education friendly
contact us and get your discounted price


Contact us

Tailored to your needs

for agencies and large companies

Everything in Pro plan
Deploy on your infrastructure
for maximum privacy
Plugin development
integrate with your existing tools
Custom layout
for better integration with your branding
Dedicated support
video call and on-site training
All prices exclude payment gateway transaction fees and any applicable tax

What's the best plan for me?

Use our pricing calculator to find out which plan best suits your events

Suggested plan:
Your price:
All prices exclude payment gateway transaction fees and any applicable tax

Additional Services

On-site support


per 4 hours

Have one of our operators helping you during the check-in of your attendees. Travel and Lodging expenses are not included in the price.
Check-in stations

from €200

per station, per week

Rent our stations for a faster check-in and for printing the attendees' badge. Price may vary depending on the equipment needed.
Import existing data

on request


Import your existing data to be used with

Trusted by


How does it work?
We create your instance on our cloud infrastructure. We'll pre-configure it for you (maps, email, payments) and get it ready to go. We'll also take care of keeping it healthy, updated and secure.
What do you mean by "Dedicated, private Database"?
Every Swicket customer has a dedicated database which cannot be accessed by others. Your data will be kept in an isolated space, and it won't be queried by anyone except your instance.
Where is my data stored?
It's up to you. Upon creation, you can decide whether you want to store it in the EU or in Switzerland. Both locations implement the same, state of the art, security measures to keep your data safe.
Will you collect money on my behalf?
No. We don't handle your money. You'll receive the income directly on the bank account you configured on your payment provider.
Which payment providers does support?
At the moment: Stripe, PayPal, Wire Transfer (automatic incoming payment matching if you use Revolut Business), On-site.
What does "next-business-day" mean?
We'll do our best to reply to your requests within 36 hours. In case there are public holidays, we'll get back to you as soon as we're back.
What about GDPR?
Swicket is GDPR-compliant by design. Your data is isolated, protected by the highest standards, and can be easily exported/deleted at your request.